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Friday, June 30, 2006

The great thing about the Korea trip earlier this year is that it really taught me a lot about packing. The first thing is that when you don't know where you're going to end up, it helps a lot to have wheels on your luggage. I went to Korea with one footlocker with wheels and one without. There's something about having to move two 50-pound footlockers one-hundred yards or more that makes you appreciate wheels. The side-by-side comparison, combined with the discovery that getting old hurts like hell, drove my luggage purchase decision earlier this month.

I bought an REI WheelyBeast 2.0, a duffle bag designed to be rolled behind while holding a lot of junk. It's a great bag, holds about 7,200 cubic inches, and did I mention the wheels? You see, bitter experience has taught me that you should take all the crap you can imagine every time you go someplace you've never been. It has three big, comfortable handles that should make lugging it into cab trunks a lot more fun than the footlockers were. Can't stack it or stand on it, but other than that, the bag is a peach.

I got the bag on speculation when it went on sale earlier this month, and then speculation paid off. I'm out and about on a jaunt, and I hope to post pictures soon. If you're checking on this blog and know where I'm going, please don't post it. It's a surprise.
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