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Saturday, January 28, 2006
Defy Terror!

Four and a half years in and I finally figure out the bumper sticker. It has been a long and painful time for the supporters of the Global War on Terror; we can't even fit the name of our fight on a bumper sticker. We have deep beliefs for why we are fighting, and because they are so strongly rooted in our consciousness, we have difficulty expressing them shortly and simply. The opposition to the war has different intellectual and moral considerations and don't seem to care about presenting slogans that are incomplete, oversimplified, and frankly insulting to most of the country.

I have more than my share of Scotch-Irish in my ancestry, and the notion of rallying around a cry of defiance to those who would be our lords is an idea that resonates deeply with me. Without insulting anybody, without giving explicit directions, without abandoning our ideals; this slogan expresses our basic intent to be free of those who would rule us through fear. I hope that others find this simple slogan useful and I give it to the free people of the world without reservation.

I would appreciate it if somebody could send me the link to the marine giving the bird to the terrorist who wounded him with an IED in Iraq. That would make an excellent t-shirt.

Update: Thanks to Jason of COUNTERCOLUMN for sending the image.
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