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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Bring Galloway to the US

The fatuous George Galloway is taunting the US from across the pond, daring us to bring charges. The diplomatic machinery associated with arresting a Member of Parliament and bringing him to justice will probably take years, at the end of which Galloway will probably slip out to some place where he can spend his millions. Of course, if he comes over here and releases himself to US custody, the regular diplomatic protections he is counting on will be for naught. To better drive home the hypocrisy of this pimp, let us do our part and take up a collection for his airline ticket and accommodations.

Put up or shut up George, and we'll buy the ticket to come over here. What the heck, if we raise enough money, maybe we can afford to buy his accommodations…until responsible federal agencies can take over that burden. I'm thinking something in keeping with his fondness for the proletariat…preferably close to an interstate…
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