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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Memorial Day Camping
Abigail and I went camping with Michael Totten this weekend. The trip to the Alvord Desert wiped Abigail out and the thundershower on Saturday night was a bit trying, but altogether we had a very nice time.
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Here I am in the Alvord. Photo Courtesy of Michael Totten using my camera. I'm holding his (soon to be retired) camera.
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Here is Michael in the Alvord, doing his famous book jacket pose. Now if we can get him to write the freaking book...
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Sunday after Michael went home to tend his wife and her injured ankle, we went scouting for additional campsites in and about the Malheur National Forest that we had missed on our previous trip. The forest covers over a million acres, and I doubt that we've covered even a third of the available campsites after two scouting trips. We did find one marvelous camping area, and it was deserted during the busy weekend. Where is it? That would be telling.

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In Prairie City, we saw what Memorial Day means in flyover country. They do it right and understand that it matters. The clouds and looming mountain really affected me, but not as much as the sincerity of the locals in their support of their war dead.
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