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Friday, May 20, 2005
Averting the Triumph of Fear

A friend called to confirm my email address so she could invite me to her graduation party and I stole some of her time to catch up. Her reaction was to recount how her cousin's presence in Baghdad caused her aunt to worry. I reassured her that our troops were more highly valued by their commanders than any in history and that our equipment was so very, very good. She went away from the conversation unconvinced, I suspect.

Upon reflection I realized that she was clinging to fear as the most ascendant of moral postures. What a shame it would be to abandon ourselves to fear, merely because it is the most sustainable of emotions. You can always talk yourself into being afraid, and the unhealthier you are, the more readily your fear is reinforced. The more you are afraid, the more you can be afraid.

The strange thing about this in absolute terms is how strong she is in other aspects of her life. She is a good mother to two children. She has a healthy, loving relationship with a wonderful husband. She is involved in cultural activities on a regular basis within the community. She is scientifically knowledgeable and aware. Her professional life is regularly changing and quite prosperous.

What a damn shame that in order to adhere to her political party's guidance, she must live her life in fear instead of accomplishment. What a waste of her political awareness, to spend it on fear of everything that might reflect well on the domestic political opposition.
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