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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Micheal Totten in Lebanon

What's worse, it was my idea! Okay, Michael told me he wanted to go there a whole lot and that his regular contacts weren't interested in sending him there. I told him to pitch the idea to Jim Hake at Spirit of America since the Iraq election coverage had gone so well. While Michael was working up his pitch, Jim called and asked if he wanted to go... So maybe I just did my part to help synchronicity, but I did my part.

Michael is a very good thinker, but lacks some of the chrome-plated chutzpah a freelancer needs to really milk publishers. Since chutzpah is something I have no shortage of, I'm helping him out by sharing some of mine. I still think he should have submitted the "conference expenses" to Sean just to shake the money tree. We did spend most of that "conference" discussing business. Other people would think it was just a couple of hawkish bloviators spending a night drinking, but Sean is perspicacious enough to know a legitimate business expense when he sees it!

Check out what Michael is doing there, and pray for a peaceable transition.
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