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Monday, March 21, 2005
Kentucky National Guard MP's Kick Ass, Take Names…

Defending the convoys carrying the goods to fight the war is hard, thankless, and critical work. Yesterday a unit of Kentucky Guard Military Police did the job magnificently.

At approximately noon on March 20, 26 terrorists were killed, seven wounded, and one captured when they attacked a coalition force convoy on the outskirts of Baghdad in the Salman Pak area. Seven soldiers were injured during the attack. A U.S. military convoy and its security element from the 617 Military Police Company was patrolling when the convoy was ambushed by approximately 40 – 50 terrorists with rocket propelled grenades and small arms fire. The convoy became disabled and the 617 MP’s maneuvered to flank the terrorists. Apache air support was called in but didn’t participate in the engagement. The Apache remained in the area to provide additional support if needed.

Military personnel recovered six RPG launchers, 16 RPG rockets, 13 RPK (machine guns), 22 AKMs (assault rifle), more than 2900 rounds of ammunition, and 40 hand grenades from the terrorists.

Every day soldiers guard convoys across Iraq’s most dangerous roads. In recent days, this road has had increased attacks on coalition forces. On March 18, there was another complex attack at almost the same location. The attack consisted of RPGs, mortars, and small arms fire from both sides of the road. No U.S. soldiers were injured in this attack.

To keep the hundred and thirty thousand troops supplied requires us to move millions of ton-miles every day and this is utterly critical to doing the job right. Responding to an ambush is hard, and requires great skill and coordination to do right.

Yesterday, a bunch of Bluegrass State MP's woke up, put on their boots, and said, "I'm gonna rip the ass off the next sumbitch who takes a shot at me." They then proceeded to do that very thing. Kentucky Guard: HOOAH!
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