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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
The Demise of the Tantrum Tyranny

The ink-stained heroes of Iraq have shown the Middle East the way to courageous liberty. It remains to be seen how far and how well their example will be matched, but initial signs are that the Arab peoples have a tremendous hunger for freedom. At the same time, other despots are getting overthrown. For far too long, the politically correct in the west have used victim psychology to extort results. As long as they were willing to throw a tantrum, they could never be wrong. Ideas could be denounced by the simple expedient of screaming in emotional distress over how unfair it was to be shown as wrong. I first noticed this behavior in college more than twenty years ago.

By investing so totally in opposing the war, the politically correct burned their bridges behind them. Now they have been repudiated by millions of people accept the role of powerless victim. The Iraqi voters who risked so much more than emotional meltdown have utterly shamed the useless extortionists. The failure of the union of obstructionist whiners to deliver results was explainable only as long as they could block anyone else from accomplishing anything. Now that some thing real has been done and results can clearly be seen, we can let them cry all they want. No longer will intellectuals be bound by the strictures of the tantrum tyranny.

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