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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Thank you for telling SFC Salie's story

Mr. Galloway,

Thank you for your continued service of telling the military's stories with honesty, understanding, and grace.

I found your story through a blog of a soldier's wife whose husband is still in Iraq. I was not aware that you were still reporting and would like to be able to follow whatever you have to report. Do you have a web site or blog where your stories are centrally linked? I would very much like to add any such site to my own blogroll, and I'm sure that many other military bloggers would, too.

If you are without a website and have any interest in starting such a project, I am sure that there are a lot of people who would want to give you assistance for the honor of working with you. I cannot recommend my own web skills because they are so slim.

Thank you again for your work,

Patrick S Lasswell
Portland, OR

UPDATE: Chutzpah is its Own Reward!

OK, maybe getting a response from a writer after you ask for help promoting his work is not a cause for celebration. Nevertheless, Joe Galloway is worthy of respect and attention. In an era when it is almost impossible to find reporters who get the real story filed, let alone the details right, this reporter keeps doing the job right. We live free because brave men risk much, and Joe Galloway tells their stories well. Here is what he sent:

thanks for the kind note. i have about four fulltime jobs at present, to include sr. military correspondent for knight ridder newspapers, my weekly syndicated column thru tribunemedia services, on road doing speeches every weekend, and gen moore and i are starting to work on a sequel to WWSOAY.
my columns and stories can be followed by going to: then click on link ujnder my photo on lower r. side of page. that takes you to my website, and you can capture the URL there.
happy hunting.
joe galloway

Have I mentioned how much I think of the man who flew into the Valley of Death because that's where the story was? His link is here.
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