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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
If Rebecca Threw the Race, Who Could Blame Her?

Watching The Amazing Race last night, I was struck by how poised, intelligent, and considerate Rebecca was. Looking over the season, it is utterly clear how much she valued love and how little her partner was capable of giving. It looks to me that after the fight at the train station in Sri Lanka, she continued to race, but stopped trying to win. The other couples in the race at that point loved each other, and I honestly think that she decided to give it to one of them. The point where she showed her hand? When she unlocked the lock moments after Hayden and Aaron gave up. That was not a coincidence.

The only reason I am publishing this speculation at all is that the other half of her team cannot say that she sabotaged the team any worse than he did. At almost every significant event where teamwork was called for, Adam invested substantial amounts of time and energy dumping on his team. The mental cruelty routinely inflicted by Adam on Rebecca is in no way indicative of a person engaged in the process of winning a contest involving teamwork.

Rebecca, if you made that choice, I support you in it. I have told my wife that if we are fortunate enough to get on the race, my relationship with her is worth more to me than the prize offered. I can certainly understand that Rebecca could value love enough to make the same choice, inverted. All of the final five couples were in love with each other, save hers. Rebecca is a deeply spiritual person who made a spiritual choice to support love in the world. It is a damned shame that she could not do that with the person who she was teamed with.

I really hope Rebecca finds a love worthy of her and that she gets a chance to live as well as she deserves.
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