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Sunday, January 09, 2005
Perspective on the Washington State Election Mess

A letter I sent to Rebecca Webb, News Anchor at KINK FM-102 in Portland. Rebecca is an old family friend I have the privilege to know. She is gracious and decent as well as being easy on the eyes and ears. I am wildly fortunate in my friends.


This weblog has the best analysis of the actual data of the Washington State Governor election fiasco. Regrettably for Washington voters, their analysis is noticeably more accurate than the election officials in King County. They are doing a lot of verification using database search skills and coming up with some very damning evidence of incompetence and voters practicing fraud. Here's a quote: <>

Here's another fascinating discovery from the latest King County voter file.

[I now have four versions of the King County voter registration file, cut on June 1, Nov. 1, Dec. 29, 2004 and Jan. 7, 2005.]

There are 557 names in the Jan. 7 file for people who supposedly voted on Nov. 2, but who weren't listed in the Nov. 1 file. Only 94 of the 557 are in the Dec. 29 file. There are a number of pre-2004 registration dates among the 557, but many of these aren't in the June file. 280 of the 557 are shown to have registered on dates between Jun 7, 2004 and Oct. 2, 2004, yet did not appear in any of the earlier versions of the King County voter databases.

This is not just Republican operatives making things up...okay, maybe they are Republican operatives...but the stuff they are pulling out from under the logs is real and not very pretty in the light of day. I suppose the question here is how accountable do we want our elections officials to be? The only answer that can stand the test of time is that the integrity of the elections process is much more important than the result on any given election. If the election process is compromised in any one race, the democratic process of all contests is damaged.

Patrick S Lasswell
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