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Thursday, December 09, 2004
Righteous Fury

Jason Van Steenwyk has one of my favorite blogs, and today he reminded me again exactly why.

...So my mom called me last night. She told me a friend of hers is a lawyer who's son was in Iraq with the Army, and he's taken an interest in a recent class action lawsuit by soldiers protesting the stop-loss policy.

Anyway, this lawyer told my mom that I can get out of another overseas tour by resigning my commission.

I told my mom to quote me verbatim: tell this lawyer he can kiss my ass.
I'm all for an honest critique. But why is this idiot trying to sabatoge the army by undermining its officer corps?

My mom said me going back to Iraq is unthinkable to her.

I told her what was even more unthinkable to me is losing.

I've adjusted myself to the notion that civilians have the option of being selfish with how they serve in their own lives, but I hope I never adjust to the idea that strangers get to be selfish about how I choose to serve in my life. Luckily, my wife accepts that I want to serve. She isn't wild about my doing a tour in Iraq, but she understands that I have a calling to serve. The rest of my family...let's just say that I know exactly where Jason is coming from...
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