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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
A letter to the news staff of KINK-FM 101.9 Radio.

The Sound of One Military Clapping

Yesterday on the KINK afternoon show, Sheila Hamilton played a sound bite of President Bush speaking to Marines at Camp Pendleton. I was puzzled because the normally complete news coverage on KINK missed half the story, the military's response to President Bush. Every eyewitness report I have read of servicemen meeting the President Bush in the last three years has noted the extreme affection the troops have for him, and the extreme fondness he shows for them. While this has not been covered extensively or well by most of the media, it is a phenomenon, it is verifiable, it has not been driven into the ground, and so it seems to qualify as news.

I personally do not care if you are not fond of the President. The KINK on-air staff has shown a fair willingness to at least attempt impartiality. (Comments made on November 3rd, notwithstanding.) The problem is that your demographic is the bluest part of the bluest part of the state, and they just don't understand why they lost the last election.

While I am not asking you to start channeling FOX NEWS, it is a basic public service to provide your audience with an awareness of the reality of Bush's relationship with military personnel. Although the military is not unanimously behind the President, they overwhelmingly support and approve of him. This administration gets enough things they do wrong covered; they deserve the one thing they do right to get some coverage.
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