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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
I Feel the Need…the Need for Alternate Feed

My local radio station is using CNN as a source for audio feed for its news. That is a problem, because CNN does things like send audio bites to radio stations of the President talking to troops…and censoring the troop's response. Wildly enthusiastic troops greeting the President is not news that fits…I guess.

So the blogsphere has another challenge: make open-source, verifiable audio bites available to radio stations. I am uncertain how expensive this will be, but it seems a fairly straightforward exercise of news collection and web publishing. As a starting project I suggest we try to get a bunch of audio recordings of Bush visiting the troops this holiday season and publish them with attribution and details to allow the recordings to be verified.

If you want to help break the big media monopoly on audio feed, email me: pslblog at yahoo DOT com and tell me what you can do to help. Alternatively, you can send me a concise explanation why I am mad…mad…mad! (Like I didn't get that at the University!)
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