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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
PETA Calls for Greater Sensitivity to Fish

In response I provide the following image:

I call it "Forty-two pounds of Kiss My Ass!"

Sport fishermen have done more to protect fish than PETA ever will because we love to fish and will pay to support our joy. The dilettantes from the dimension of lame cannot sustain their protective efforts because their joy is the denial of other's choices, an essentially parasitic function. Fish are better protected by those who derive their livelihood from them than those who salve their consciences by being scolds.

The fish I'm holding in the picture got that big by eating other fish, not tofu. I caught it after a struggle involving the cooperation of five vertebrates sapiens for over an hour. I was sensitive to the fish in question, otherwise it would have spit the hook out!

Hat Tip: Jeff Goldstein
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