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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Deferred Rebellion Not Necessarily Better

My friend Michael Totten is worried, with good reason, that in the event of a Bush re-election, the nutbar left will actively work to overthrow democratic process in the United States in retribution. He quotes a commenter on another blog, Cicero, who works at a California university and has heard people talking about open rebellion. Cicero is voting for Bush but rooting for Kerry because of the potential for deterioration of the democratic process in the event of a Democratic loss.

I think I get where Michael and Cicero are coming from, I just don't agree with where they are. The prospect of dilettante academics taking up arms to resist the lawfully elected government does not fill me with dread. Actually, it kind of fills me with humor. I've met, up close and personal, college revolutionaries and USMC Sniper School Instructors. I know for sure who I'd put my money on in a stand up fight or an insurgency, and it isn't the ones wearing Birkenstocks.

The most effective anti-insurgent military in the world is who the revolutionary intellectuals would be rebelling against; and the patchouli rangers do not have the tactics, training, discipline, logistical support, coherence of goals, or the leadership to accomplish much more than self-immolation. A lot of people would go to jail, and probably some particularly destructive schmucks would earn themselves a lethal injection for treason. It would be an embarrassment, but I think it would be a small one. The most striking lack in the nutbar resistance is credible leadership; Michael Moore is not even qualified to carry Abbie Hoffman's jockstrap, and there simply is nobody on the left near the same league as Martin Luther King, Jr. Actors and Rock Stars have not shown a significant capability to influence the general populace to do more than sell tickets, and they are generally more concerned with that endeavor. Discussions of a virtual leadership on the Internet are simply laughable. People risk their lives for ribbons and tin, but not the honor of a chat room or a blog. Honestly, any revolution in the near term would be over very shortly after it got started.

I have a lot more enthusiasm for experiencing this disturbance under the leadership of George W. Bush because he has already exhibited remarkable forbearance under pressure with regards to the Islamic community in the US and the world. That is something worth taking into account. Regardless of the persistent underestimation of the President that the moonbat left thrives on, there is no evidence that Bush gets stupid under pressure. More importantly, the Pentagon will never overthrow Bush and establish a military Junta. If they tried it, Rumsfeld would have their heads on pikes in his office in a moment, and that may not be just a figure of speech.

The people who are serious about exploiting revolutionary idiocy, like A.N.S.W.E.R., don't care if Kerry gets elected or not, because he is not their kind of Stalinist. There is no good reason to believe that the people herding the moonbat left really care who is in charge since nothing less than a revolution will make it them. I think we should take the people who say there is no difference between Kerry and Bush at their word and acknowledge that the results of this election will do nothing to forestall any attempt at revolt.

Lately I've been hearing from people who talk about the need to throw a revolution every so often to keep things fresh. I have a lot of friends who are both decent people and incredibly disconnected intellectuals. I do not think they are organized because I do not have any evidence they have sufficient discretion to sustain a significant organization. I've seen these people fold up like a card table when they run out of cigarettes; I do not think they could talk to me for a half-hour under the influence of a bottle of wine without gossiping about how they are conspiring to install a new government.

Honestly, I think we would be better off dealing with this now than postponing it until later. We know this is coming, and I think we are much better off handling it as close to the memory of 9/11 as possible.
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