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Sunday, September 12, 2004
Shabby Treatment of Wounded Guard and Reserve Soldiers


I bring your attention to the 9/11/04 AP report by Andrew Kramer detailing months of shabby treatment of wounded Oregon National Guardsmen who have been kept from their families due to bureaucratic incompetence and inefficiency. These soldiers should be returned to their homes as quickly as possible for convalescence at full pay and with full benefits until such time as their recovery warrants a final disposition of their medical claims.

The valor of our Guard and Reserve troops has earned them better consideration than picking up cigarette butts on light duty hundreds of miles from home while paper-shufflers who have never heard a shot fired in anger dither over their disposition.

Our nation is at war, and we cannot afford to treat our wounded as a bureaucratic inconvenience.

Patrick S Lasswell
Portland, OR

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