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Friday, September 24, 2004
Rabble Rousing Stooge

I debated about publishing this; it is the first time I have called a candidate names in quite a few years. After weeks of intellectual analysis, I just have come to the conclusion that there are not two candidates in this election. There is a candidate and a cipher doing anything he can to get elected. Character matters and John Kerry has failed a crucial test of character by letting his campaign get in the way of his obligations as a United States Senator to treat our allies with respect. The junior Senator from Massachusetts did not attend a joint session of Congress addressed by the leader of our newest democratic ally, Awad Allawi. What flunked Kerry was not his snubbing so much as his deliberate insults afterwards. In light of this, the gloves are off.

Last week I wrote how hecklers never drive. Yesterday John Kerry proved me right. Awad Allawi, who Roger tells me was bludgeoned with an ax by a Ba'athist stooge in 1978, was heckled by John Kerry after his speech to a joint session of Congress. True to form, Kerry neglected to attend this historic session; he had more important things to do. While the leader of a free Iraq was thanking the United States, John Kerry was losing an election by rabble rousing.

On the plus side of all this is that Awad Allawi has experience dealing with stooges. Stooges are bullies who have abandoned their identity to those with more power. Once you know you are dealing with a stooge, all you have to do is show that you have power over them, and they will do almost anything you tell them. Awad Allawi, as leader of Iraq, has a significant amount of power over the man who will be elected on November 2nd. If Bush is elected, Allawi will use this power to work with the man in office. If Kerry is elected, Allawi will use this power to drive the stooge to doing what is needed.

Since the Republican National Convention, John Kerry has come out swinging. His attempts to energize the anti-Bush "base" have been vile and pathetic. Perhaps next week he will be throwing rocks at an anti-WTO protest to show his credentials. Rabble rousing is not statesmanship. Abandoning your obligations is not leadership. Insulting an allied leader who risks death ever day of his life for his efforts to bring better conditions to his people is not coalition building. John Kerry is not presidential; he is a stooge, and a pathetic one at that.
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