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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Irrational Obsession Religious and Secular

Irrational obsession is not the sole property of Islam, and I hope the people horrified by today's murder of dozens of Iraqi children take the time to remember this. There are elements of Fundamentalist Islam attempting to corner the market, but there can be no monopoly on idiocy. There are people in the West actively competing for market share of stupidity. Although the most active groups are stuck with industrial age ideology, like a rust belt manufacturer, it is their good fortune to be competing with foreign rivals attached to late bronze-age ideology.

The key thing here is that the terrorists and their apologists have no rational view of history, and so they have no rational view of power. The greatest power is accomplished by free individuals working together to achieve measurable goals through a variety of creative ways. This is one of the reasons why Coalition military commanders are driving authority to junior officers, to let them use initiative to accomplish the peace. As long as we maintain the will to endure the vicious attacks of delusional idiots, both violent and rhetorical; Iraq will become free and great.

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