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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

In perhaps the cleverest of political moves that appears to have escaped everybody's notice, the Bush campaign had already refuted the National Guard record story before it even came to light. You see, if officers were altering their service record, Bush is guilty of being a bad Guardsman and Kerry is guilty of being a fake hero. If officers are not altering their service record, Bush is a good Guardsman and Kerry is a hero.

It's like this d├ętente between the campaigns and it explains perfectly why Bush never backed the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth. If the Democrats had not launched Operation Fortunate Son, armed neutrality would have existed. As it stands, the Kerry campaign is forced to argue losing policy already refuted by their candidate just to take attention away from the question of the service records. If this is not just idle speculation, I may have to give credit to Karl Rove for being just as scary as he is portrayed.
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