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Thursday, March 04, 2004
Loopholes Are Not Exactly States Rights

I am concerned about the loophole nature of the Oregon same-sex marriages. Nobody can say with any authority that the intent of the language of omission in Oregon's law was to open the door to gay marriage, and this erodes the State's Rights defenses. Considering that the State's Right argument is probably the only one with any traction in the red states, it should not be too lightly dismissed.

Having said that, I really am quite happy that some of my friends who are monogamous, stable, and intelligent gay couples get to receive state sanction for their healthy relationships. I am also afraid of all of my acquaintances who are gay, stupid, unstable, promiscuous, and publicity seeking because they are likely to do a lot of damage in the public eye to the image of healthy homosexuals.

Hat Tip: Who Knew for letting me say it elsewhere
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