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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Open Letter to IRAQ NOW


One of the key strengths of a long existing military is the evolution of its culture and the transference of tribal knowledge. This strength needs to be tempered with common sense and honest self-evaluation from time to time, and this usually happens in wartime. By the way, thanks very much for doing this, the lives you're saving by your essays may be your grandchild's.

I am straight, but I served with homosexuals in the military. I have served with gay men who I would trust with my life who kept the faith. I have also served with predatory homosexuals who I simply would not trust as far as I could throw them. One senior enlisted who I reported to was the closest man I ever came to killing, and it was years later before I figured out that his behavior only made sense in context of being a deeply closeted predatory homosexual. I have spoken to female Marines who have related similar experiences with predatory lesbians.

Phobia is a term to describe an irrational fear. Predatory homosexuals in the military have compiled a body of guilt so profound as to make concern about their inclusion a rational behavior. If I felt the experience of hundreds of thousands of traumatized heterosexual servicemen was a shallow one, I might coin a simple phrase to describe the fool-hardiness of those who would inflict unrestrained homosexual predation on the military. As it stands, I'll leave the name calling to the idiots.

Predatory homosexuals have repeatedly broken the faith and violated the trust reposed in them by their country and their service. Legislation will not change this. The heroism of decent homosexuals might have some influence in the future. The repudiation of predatory homosexuals by the gay community will do a lot more to build trust in their lifestyle choice than any medal or Act of Congress.
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