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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Letter to Congress Regarding the Coming Revolution in Iran

I believe that Iran deserves to be free and that it will be free soon. The amount of suffering that takes place in accomplishing that freedom is largely dependant upon the amount and kind of support rendered by the United States in the coming months. I think that the people of Iran have already suffered too much at the hand of their totalitarian leadership and that we have an obligation to reduce that suffering.

I ask you as my representative to make it known to the President that coherent planning and action are needed. I realize that we have a substantial obligation to support the development of the freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I support those efforts also. I realize that the demands of freeing fifty million people from decades of oppression are tremendous and that setting free another seventy million more is a substantial task. It is work worth doing and worth doing well.

I ask you to support the administration in accomplishing lasting freedom in Iran by the most humane means available. I understand that military invasion might well be one of those means. I do not believe that a prolonged insurgency against the standing government in Iran to be a humane or successful means. History shows that decisive actions are much less cruel than the blind slaughter of a protracted stalemate. With that in mind, I ask you to seriously consider supporting overt military action in Iran to reduce suffering. We do have the advantage of multiple entry routes in any such action.

Finally, the totalitarian government of Iran is a shelter and supporter of terror. They have actively worked for decades to destroy democracy in the region and the world. They label us "Satan" and they are developing nuclear weaponry. They already have motive and opportunity to create an atrocity against us, and we can no longer allow them time to develop the methods. Perhaps you remember the day two years ago when you were hustled out of the Capital due to the threat of a conventional attack. Do you really think you would have made it out if the attackers had possessed an atomic bomb? Have you seen any indication that the theocracy in Iran is sufficiently interested in progress that they would not risk a nuclear cataclysm? I am not so safe in Portland that I would risk you in Washington, D.C. to find this out.

I ask you to seriously consider the benefits of a Free Iran and to work with the administration to help accomplish this worthy goal.

Patrick S Lasswell
Portland, OR

Please consider writing to your Senators and Represenatives about this. If you want to steal my text, I ask that you give me some attribution because I am deeply vain.
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