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Monday, November 03, 2003
What Decision Sounds Like

When I was younger, and in reach of such things, I had the opportunity to join the SEALS. Well, I would have had to work out for a solid year first, but I could have done so. I even had orders in hand to Boat Unit One that would have given me the time and location to do so. What was lacking for me was the need to do so. My father needed to be a Marine, the toughest combat troops in the world at the time, in order to accomplish his inner needs, and he did so. I never needed to, I didn't have the drive, and I didn't kid myself that I did. I remember thinking about this and what it would have taken to get me to commit so strongly to a goal that I would make it through Hell Week and all the agony leading up to it.

On September 13, 2001, George W Bush was interviewed and said the following:

BUSH: Well, I don't think about myself right now. I think about the families, the children. I'm a loving guy. And I am also someone, however, who's got a job to do, and I intend to do it. And this is a terrible moment.

This is what it sounds like when somebody decides to spend the rest of their life accomplishing something. I'm not saying that W has been spending his copious 4.2 minutes a day of free time getting ready to spend six months in Coronado becoming a SEAL. By September 13th he had decided to spend the rest of his life eliminating the things that made 9/11 possible.

It is said that most people make two mistakes about George W Bush; they think he is stupid and they think he is nice. While I am not saying that W is the smartest man to have ever been President, that was probably John Quincy Adams, he is not dumb. If W was stupid, the occasional sniping we get from the senior advisors would have been a continuous war with that many brilliant, determined, and ambitious people having to work together. If he was nice, the Taliban and Hussein would still be in power.

People need to keep in mind that George W Bush is going to destroy the Democratic candidate next year. He is raising enough money to make that inevitable. This is not about wanting to be President; this is about needing more time to save the world. The campaign money makes sure that he doesn't have to engage in stupid desperation and useless distraction. The money is there to reduce the amount of time he has to spend on things other than saving the world next year. Bush is running around the country now because he has the time to do so, next year he might not. The other candidate may have decided to spend the next year to become the President, George W. Bush has decided to spend the rest of his life saving the world.
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