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Monday, October 13, 2003
T-Shirt Politics

I have a politically provocative t-shirt that I had made ten years ago. On the back is a drawing of my ship (USS Stump DD-978) launching Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Iraqi nuclear weapons facility at Tuwaitha on the evening of 16/17 January 1993. On the front is the logo "No Nukes". I have waited for years to explain to a Greenpeace activist what I meant by the term.

I was never in the level of danger our people in Iraq were in during the war. I was never in the level of danger that Shirin Ebadi was in for most of her life. But I was in harms way, doing what I could against people who would do real nuclear damage if they had the chance. Greenpeace never hung it out there in a coherent, consistent, disciplined, and effective manner to oppose real nuclear risks.

I still feel quite strongly that the left fell into a pattern of behavior best described by Monty Python's movie "Life of Brian". I just wish they weren't wasting so many good people's lives and demeaning so many things that need to be done. I wish they weren't so committed to the posture of outrageous exclusion that drives independant thought and integrity away from them.

Thanks to the lovely folks at who knew for reminding me of my t-shirt. I wonder what this does: TrackBack
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