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Thursday, October 30, 2003
Drug War: Slow and Stupid Is Better Than Nothing

Bureaucrash wants me to surrender in the War on Drugs. I disagree with them on this. I still support many of the aims of bureaucrash and wish to participate, but this is a matter I disagree with. I hope that the others in bureaucrash are comfortable with a respectful disagreement.

I have spent a lot of my life pursuing drug smugglers. While they are not necessarily the worst of humanity, they are better capitalized than most dictatorships. In several instances, the drug producers and smugglers are attempting to become dictators and this does need to be opposed.

I do agree that different methods should be used and a more coherent and effective long term policy should be created. It is a shame that all the best people for this effort are now fully engaged in preserving our civilization from fundamentalist terror, but that is a reasonable priority choice. I have high hopes for some of the new addiction research, and can dream of a day when demand diminishes to the point where the suppliers are bankrupted. That day has not come yet. Until then, I reluctantly must support the continued drug war, unfair and badly directed though it may be.
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