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Monday, August 11, 2003
The Meaningful Distinction

My father was arrested five times in the 1960s. Three times for helping black people register to vote in the deep south. Once for advocating migrant workers strike in California. Once for peacably assembling in a free speech area on a day that free speech had been canceled.

My father was willing to risk unjust arrest accomplishing something. My father did not seek lawful arrest while engaging in protest as an extreme sport.

Michael Totten and I had lunch last week just before I had to put together my speech for my father's memorial. Mike is great to have lunch with and talking over the differences we came up with a meaningful distinction. Looking inward with dispair for something to protest, looking outward with hope for something to accomplish.

Tie die does not make you socially concious, meaningful accomplishment does. The most dangerous young people I have ever met work in Redmond, Washington at the Microsoft campus. They are smart, they are rich, they can accomplish tremendous things, and they have been treated despicably by the radical left. Oh yes, they are also generous and quite socially concious.
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