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Monday, July 21, 2003
(Not Yet) Living With Bush's Domestic Policies

Mike Totten is holding a fig leaf to preserve his dignity by stating that he cannot approve of Bush enthusiastically. Bush's domestic policies dampen his ardor and hold his fig leaf firmly in place. At the risk of shocking the ladies and scaring the livestock by disturbing the greenery, may I point out that we have not in fact actually lived under Bush's domestic policies yet? The most bitterly obstructionist Senate in our nation's history has seen to that.

You can reapply your foliage by stating that you actually live under the threat of Bush's potential domestic policies. Or you could look seriously at a profoundly flawed education system structured to reward failure to educate. You could look at the out of control litigation industry that is draining our nation's lifeblood like a vampiric frenzy. But that might expose the gifts that natural reason has given you.

Or perhaps you feel that you would be better off maintaining a fan dance for now. Showing bits of enthusiasm in exchange for gifts of moderation from the Bush administration. Always leave them wanting more?
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